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Q.  The package come with a silicone ring, What’s it for?
Each order come with one silicone ring.
It is ideal for aftermarket chrome grips, or to increase the friction for your OEM grips. 

Q.  What size of Go Cruise should I use for my bike?
Go Cruise designs based on handlebar size, not grip size. There are two different size of handlebars on the market.

Small Go Cruise fits 7/8”(22mm) handlebar, such as sports bikes and urban bikes.
Or fits grips diameter from 1.18” ~ 1.34” (30 mm ~ 34 mm)

Large Go Cruise fits1”(25mm) handlebar , such as Harley and cruiser bikes.
Or fits grips diameter from 1.38” ~ 1.53” (35 mm ~ 39 mm)

If you grip size is less than 1.18”(30 mm) you need to order extra ring.
Or use electrical tape around 2-3 layers on the grip to increase the diameter up to 30mm, then put silicone rings top over electrical tape.

If you grip size over 1.55” (39 mm) do not buy it.

Q.  Can Go Cruise fit on my KURYAKYN ISO grips?
Yes, the large Go Cruise (for 1”bar) can fit on ISO grips perfectly.

Q.  What kind of grip can’t use Go Cruise throttle control?
Go cruise can fit on 99% stock OEM rubber grips, metal (chrome) grip as well.
Won't work on any aftermarket foam grip and 100% super soft silicone grips.
(It fits those covers that slip over your existing grips, such as Grip Puppies.)

Q. I have Grip puppies on my OEM grips, can I use Go Cruise?
For using on Grip Puppies we suggest 3 options.
1. The best way to do is to set Go Cruise on rubber grip first, then install
    Grip Puppies.
2. Move Grip Puppies to the right to make room for silicone ring and Go Cruise     (about 1/4" width), then install Go Cruise.
3.  If you can not move the Grip Puppies to make room for Go Cruise.
     Cut 1/4" Grip Puppies to make room for silicone ring and Go Cruise.

Q.  Can Go cruise fit on my Driven D3 sports bike grips?
Sorry, It won’t work on D3 grips.
Because Go Cruise need 3/8” flat surface on left side of grip (need room for silicone ring)
D3 sports bike grips only have 1/4" flat surface, so you can’t use Go Cruise.

Q.  My Go cruise does not hold the speed?
If you go cruise does not hold the speed after a few months, most likely because Go Cruise gets dirty from the ride. First remove Go Cruise and silicone ring, use soap and water to clean them, then put them back on the grip. Most of time will solve the problem.
Do not use any chemical to clean Go Cruise and silicone ring。

Q.  What about warranty?
We warrants to the original purchaser that the throttle control is free of material and workmanship defects for one year from the date of purchase.

Q. Not working on my KLR Endure 650?
Some of KAWASAKI   KLR 250/650 have dirt bike grips, the diameter size of the grip is less than 29mm. The only way to use Go Cruise on your bike is to use electrical tape go around the grip about 3 to 5 layers to increase diameter(up to 30mm), then put on silicon ring over.(silicone ring come with package). That should do the work.
Or we can refund your money.

Q.  What's Go Cruise made off?
Go Cruise is made of composite material which can work as low as 5°F (-15℃) and up to 167°F (75℃) strict environment.