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“Always Trust The Original”

Billy is a unique inventor. A true individual, his concepts aim to separate him for the general norm. He puts intense focus into every detail of his products with absolute accuracy.

His ideas reflect that in their physical state, such as his Go Cruise throttle lock.

Conceived in 2008, Billy spent two years perfecting it’s material concept before introducing a working prototype. Prior to 2010, no such product existed anywhere. His was (and still is) the first; the original.

Compared to weaker imitations that are beginning to present themselves at various motorcycle shows, Billy’s design and continued development of the Go Cruise stands out. An immediate success in Long Beach, he and his employees now contribute to an average of seven major events every year. That’s the signature of champion innovation for any business in today’s world.

Simple is always better. You know that. Billy knows that.

That’s why when you compare his product, one of quality and bolstered reputation, to any knock-off you can immediately see what sets him apart. Make no mistake about it. The math points to his designs all the way from idea to reality.

With the introduction of Billy’s Go Cruise 2, customers revered it’s CNC machined, 6061 aluminum alloy material. A clean design and affordable price remain the base of it’s continued success. What’s more, an ergonomic, user-friendly dial allows the rider to quickly adjust the tension of the Go Cruise 2 with one hand!

Don’t be fooled by would-be competitors. Their attempt to stand on another man’s shoulders won’t keep you safe during the ride. This is Billy’s brainchild and he’s more than dedicated to it.

He’s devoted to it.

Now, words like that get tossed around a lot. They begin to lose their meaning. Merriam-Webster defines devotion as “ardent dedication and loyalty”.

You know who else is devoted to Billy’s ideas? The lesser-minded competition, that’s who. They’re devoted to a weak, plagiaristic fakes based on somebody else’s talent.

Don’t put your faith into coat tail riders.