Improper installation and/or use of the throttle control could result in serious injury or death,
as is the case with any other motorcycle specific part or accessory.

1. DO NOT take your hands off the handlebars.
2. DO NOT use in traffic.
3. DO NOT use in congested residential or urban areas.
4. DO NOT use when precise speed changes are required.
5. DO NOT use if you are an inexperienced rider.
6. DO NOT use with any other cruise control device.
7. DO NOT use until you are thoroughly familiar with the operation of the throttle control.
8. Disengage Go Cruise Throttle Control in downhill.

3-second Installation

Put the silicone ring
on the grip.

Silicone Ring is ideal for metal grip or increasing friction.

Slightly open and clamp it
on the grip

Push down to against the brake lever


Proper Use, after Installation

Reach the speed you want, the device is in high position

cruise on
Holding the throttle still, using index finger push down to against brake lever
Twist throttle forward to disengage

How to Remove

Set Go Cruise at the
upright position


By using one hand to
pull up from the top, the other hand push up from
the bottom to remove.

DO NOT put finger into Go Cruise to stretch, install or remove. (Even small fingers increase more than half-inch stretch which might break Go Cruise)
DO NOT try to install or remove Go cruise by one hand.


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