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The new Go Cruise Aluminum is CNC’D from 6061 aluminum alloy.We keep clean design & affordable price for our customers as usual.
The new tension gear design allows you quickly open/close by one hand, and easily to set
tension you need.


You only need one hand to operate the new Go Cruise

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First put on the silicon ring Slip Go Cruise on top of ring Turn the tension gear, the clamp opens or closes both sides simultaneously
Push down to against the brake lever. Ready to cruise...  

How it Works
cruise off
Reach the speed you want, the device
is in high position
cruise on
Holding the throttle still, using index finger push down to against brake lever
Twist throttle forward to fully disengage


Q.  The package come with a silicone ring, What’s it for?
Each order come with one silicone ring.
It is ideal for aftermarket chrome grips, or to increase the friction for your OEM grips.

Q.  What size of Go Cruise should I use for my bike?
Don't worry about sizing...... this new adjustable Go Cruise fits all grips.... ONE SIZE FITS ALL!


Q.  Can Go Cruise fit on my KURYAKYN ISO grips?
Yes, Go Cruise fits on ISO grips perfectly.


Q.  What about warranty?
We warrants to the original purchaser that the throttle control is free of material and workmanship defects for two year from the date of purchase.

Q.  What's Go Cruise made off?
Go Cruise Aluminum is machined from 6061 CNC'd Aluminum

Q.  Can Go cruise fit on my Driven D3 sports bike grips?
Sorry, It won’t work on D3 grips.
Because Go Cruise need 3/8” flat surface on left side of grip (need room for silicone ring)
D3 sports bike grips only have 1/4" flat surface, so you can’t use Go Cruise.

mproper installation and/or use of the throttle control could result in serious injury or death, as is the case with any other motorcycle specific part or accessory.

1. DO NOT take your hands off the handlebars.
2. DO NOT use in traffic.
3. DO NOT use in congested residential or urban areas.
4. DO NOT use when precise speed changes are required.
5. DO NOT use if you are an inexperienced rider.
6. DO NOT use with any other cruise control device.
7. DO NOT use until you are thoroughly familiar with the operation of
the throttle control.
8. Disengage Go Cruise Throttle Control in downhill.

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