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Have you ever felt nervous riding in a pack or drafting behind a rider in front of you to save that extra watt of energy, but uncertain if he or she would suddenly shave speed to avoid a crash or smashing into an unexpected road furniture? 

If you ride like this.....

2 for $19.95
(battery Included)

There is now a solution to your concern……The Pro Brake Light. 
The Pro Brake Light is designed for accident avoidance specifically during a group or club ride.  This ultra light weight LED light is mounted on the rear brake caliper and when triggered by the pull of the brake cable, it will emit a bright red light visible enough to warn the rider following closely behind.  It is the first step to ensure a safer group ride experience.  So draft with newly found confidence!


light size
Easy to install,
no tool required
Super bright LED
Battery lasts
1700 times of brake
Weights: 5g

light spec
Diagram of Pro Brake Light

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