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Motorcycle Rider Holster Bag

Simple and functional, this holster bag is perfect for motorcycle riding, urban outings or international travel. Carries your wallet, travel documents, electronics and other essential accessories. Features double zippers and adjustable straps.
Constructed from high quality weather-resistant heavy duty nylon.


·  Dimensions: 6" W x 14" H x 2.5" D
·  Belt: Waist Belt at 25" min., 45" max.
·  Adjustable waist and leg straps
·  Double U-zip pockets
·  Phone & mini iPad pockets

FREE Shipping in US
$49.95 (plus sales tax in CA)



New Features in 2015

Bigger pocket
Removable leg straps
Durable hardware

" I thought you would like to know that I have made good use out of your Motorcycle Rider Holster Bag. It contains several Tour Essentials, including a medical kit and other emergency supplies. It is now with me whenever I am leading a tour, and has generated a lot of interest from other riders. I provide your web address to folks around 2-4 times a day.Thanks for the great product. Keep them coming!"

- Shawn Thomas
Motorcycle Riding Instructor – BMW Off-Road Academy

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